Yoga with Peter

Yoga With Peter


I remember starting Yoga back in the ’70’s…a book by Richard Hittleman who was big back in the day….And then somehow other things got in the way for the next 30 years!

Physical decline, a bad back, eventually caused me to find Yoga all over again and the next 10 years were a fast-moving blur of different ”styles”, a 500 hour teacher training course in India and many courses and classes with lots of different teachers.

These days in my personal Yoga practice I am looking for freedom, fitness, ease of movement, strength and lightness in my body and calm in my being so inevitably these things are what I focus on in my classes at Yinspire Yoga.


Current Classes

  • Spines & Hips, Core & Balance  –  Tuesday evening 6.30-8.00pm 
    A class looking to find ease and freedom of movement for the spine and hips and core support and a sense of lightness in balance when doing asana practice
  • Friday Morning Yoga  – 9.30am-11.00 am
    A general yoga class for all levels



I can be contacted on 07979252243 or at .