Class Subscription Plan

Class Subscription Plan

A class subscription plan is suitable if you plan on attending class regularly.

Summary of Subscription Plan

You pay a fixed £24 / month by Direct Debit for your attendance at one nominated class a week.  You can swap classes subject to space.

You do not need to book your class, I will do that for you, and your space in your nominated class is guaranteed. 

I do the bookings every quarter for ease, around the start of the preceding month (eg start of December for January to March quarter).

Start or stop a Subscription, with this link

Features and Benefits of a Subscription

  • Your space in your chosen regular class is guaranteed
  • I do your main class booking for you each quarter.  For class changes, you can self serve via the booking system, or ask me to to this for you.  Remember class cancellation limits though – 24 hours for regular classes, 48 hours for workshops, Saturdays and private classes.
  • If you miss your regular class then so long as you cancel online with 24 hours notice you will have a class credit
  • Class credits are valid for a year from date of first booking
  • Class credits can be used to
    • book another class, eg take a second class in the week
    • to book a Saturday morning class;
    • to book a workshop.  To use the credit for the cancelled class, simply book as usual and enter your email or voucher code at the checkout in the coupon box.
  • You can also use a class credit to bring a guest along on a one off basis, eg someone visiting the Island.  Let me know if you wish to do this, as I need to make the booking manually.
  • You can swap 6 class credits for a 60 minute private class with me.  Again, let me know.
  • You can keep track of class credits by setting up an account on the booking system, or ask me.
  • Subscribers get 20% off Private Yoga Therapy Classes, Saturday classes and Workshops, if booked separately (without using a credit).  To claim this use code “subscriber” at checkout when booking. 

The subscription works on a month by month rolling basis.  You can cancel any time before 00:01 on the first day of the month.  There are no in month refunds offered.  If you join mid month, I’ll apportion your subscription.


Booking and Rescheduling

I make your bookings for you at the start of each quarter, before classes are opened to the public, and you receive a confirmation email.  Please keep this email safe, as its the easiest way to cancel or reschedule classes.

If you know you will be missing a class so long as it is cancelled 24 hours in advance, you can:

  • Attend Saturday Pure Yin Classes and Workshops using the value of classes cancelled
  • Attend another class in that week
  • Attend an extra class in the preceding or subsequent weeks

To use the credit for the cancelled class, simply book as usual and enter your email or voucher code at the checkout in the coupon box.  Cancelled credits are available for 12 months from date of first booking.

You must reschedule or cancel 24 hours before the class you are missing, otherwise it’s value is lost. The easiest way to do this is by using the links in the confirmation email.

If you miss a class, and do not reschedule/cancel 24 hours beforehand, then you lose the value of that class.  However assuming one missed class a month, you are no worse off than the flexible class pass £40/5 at £8 a class, and you have the added benefit of my doing the booking for you, and of having a guaranteed place.  This compares to manual booking and no guaranteed places on the flexible class pass.

You can also create an account in the system, which lets you log in and manage your bookings.  Due to a quirk in the booking software you may not see bookings I create for you however bookings, cancellations and reschedules made yourself will show.  Once you’ve set up an account I can assign bookings to you on request – I know its cumbersome, its the function of off the shelf software, with which there are pros and cons.

I can give you a list of forward bookings on request, or for ease keep the confirmation email thats sent. 


Five Week Months, Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays

The subscription is £24/m for 12 months, which equates to £288 a year.  I will offer 48 weeks of classes, meaning you pay £6 a class.

Classes will not run (a) the week after Easter (b) August Bank Holiday week (c) two weeks at Christmas.

Classes will not run on other Bank Holiday Mondays (the May ones), but I will offer a another class that week in lieu.

There is no adjustment for 5 week months.  Over the course of the year these balance out to the four missed weeks above. hence 48 weeks of Yoga.