Class Subscription Plan

Class Subscription Plan

A class subscription plan is designed for people planning on attending classes with me regularly who would like to be assured of their space.

Summary of Subscription Plan

You pay a fixed £26 / month by Direct Debit

You have a guaranteed space pre booked for you in one nominated class a week.  You can swap classes subject to space.

I do the bookings every quarter for ease, around the start of the preceding month (eg start of December for January to March quarter).

I normally run the class schedule runs over 46 weeks, with 2 weeks off at Christmas, Easter and late summer.  For the May bank holidays, Monday classes are rescheduled later in the week.

Your class subscription entitles you to 52 classes a year, 46 within the regular schedule and 6 extra class credits for Saturdays, Workshops, extra classes etc.

The subscription works on a month by month rolling basis.  You can cancel any time before 00:01 on the first day of the month.  There are no in month refunds offered.  If you join mid month, I’ll apportion your subscription.

Start or stop a Subscription, with this link

Using Your Class Credits

  • You have 52 classes a year (13 a quarter) credited to you
  • You have a guaranteed space pre booked for you in one nominated class a week
  • I do your main class booking for you each quarter. 
  • For class changes, you can self serve via the booking system (easier for me if possible), or ask me to to this for you.  Remember class cancellation limits though – 24 hours for regular classes, 48 hours for workshops, Saturdays and private classes.
  • If you miss your regular class then so long as you cancel with 24 hours notice you will have a class credit
  • Class credits are valid during the current quarter and approximately six weeks after. 
  • Class credits expire if you cancel your subscription

Class credits can be used to:

  • book another class, eg take a second class in the week
  • to book a Saturday morning class
  • to book a workshop

Class credits are valid in all my classes and workshops, other than specific courses.  They are not valid in other teachers classes at Yinspire, sorry.

To use a class credit in another class or workshop, simply book as usual and enter your email or voucher code at the checkout in the coupon box.

You can also use class credits to:

  • to bring a guest along on a one off basis, eg someone visiting the Island.  Sorry, this isn’t intended to allow bringing a second person along on a regular basis – if they want to come more than once, they will need to buy their own classes.
  • swap 5 class credits for a 60 minute private class with me.

Let me know if you wish to do this, as I need to make the booking manually

You can keep track of class credits by setting up an account on the booking system, or ask me

Subscribers get 20% off Courses, Private Yoga Therapy Classes, Saturday classes and Workshops, if booked separately (without using a credit).  To claim this use code “subscriber” at checkout when booking.