Yinspire Classes with Jessica

Yinspire Classes with Jessica



Studio Class Schedule

My regular studio classes have now resumed, with in person class places and the option to join the class online, live or recorded.

I have a soft return during September, with the full schedule running from October, when the schedule will be:

  • Mondays – 19:00 to 20:30 – Rowborough – Yin Inspired Yoga
  • Tuesdays – 10:00 to 11:30 – Rowborough – Restorative Yoga – restarting January 2021
  • Tuesdays – 18:30 to 20:00 – Rowborough – Yin Inspired Yoga
  • Wednesdays – 10:00 to 11:30 – Rowborough – Yin Inspired Yoga

Due to Social Distancing there will be restricted numbers in classes initially, priority will be given to students willing to take up a monthly subscription.

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Online Studio

My Online Studio started in response to the Coronavirus disruption.

Online Yin Yoga Classes on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, with a catch up facility if you can’t make the streamed class.

You can take a single class, or a monthly subscription.

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I also have a selection of routines and practices By Donation on YouTube



Private Classes

As well as group classes I offer private classes. Alongside being a Yoga Teacher, I am additionally a Yoga Therapist so I can tailor a Private Class to address your specific needs.

Private classes are ideal

  • If there is something specific you wish to work on
  • Schedules class times don’t suit you
  • You prefer a more private experience,
  • You would like to take some time out from a busy schedule for some “you time”.

Private class bookings are through my Yoga Therapy website – in practice there is a blurred edge between Private Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Read more on my Yinspire Yoga Therapy website

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Saturday Morning Pure Yin

These run approximately once a month outside of summertime from Rowborough.

A two hour class of chilled “pure yin” – no dynamic postures or flow, but rather simple floor based Yin Yoga postures, some more restorative, some heading more towards a soft edge, a chance to stretch body, calm the mind, and ease the stresses of busy lives away.

These classes are £15 when taken as a single class. Anyone with an In Person Subscription can book join with at 50% discount.

Forthcoming dates:

  • 2020 26 September, 24 October, 21 November, 12 December
  • 2021 16 January, 20 February, 27 March, 24 April, 16 October, 20 November, 18 December

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Workshops and Courses

I hope to restart my schedule of courses and workshops during 2021

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Class Styles

Yin Yoga is a quieter practice, mostly floor based, less focused on exercise, and more focused on working with our lives, minds and bodies as we find them each day – maybe stress, anxiety, disappointments, aches, pains, bad backs, tummies. My interpretation of Yin Yoga is a warm hearted approach, less about doing, more about softly being, carefully approaching edges and holding back from them.

Watch my Yin Yoga Guide by Video series to learn a bit more about Yin Yoga

Classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners, and with notice I will try and adapt for injuries.

If you are seeking a strong alignment or exercised focused yoga class, then my classes aren’t for you.

If you are keen to explore body, breath and mind in a relaxed, supportive and nurturing environment, focused less on external results and more on inner experience, then my classes may well be suitable.

My classes are based around Yin Yoga influenced by Yoga Therapy, Restorative Yoga and some classic Hatha Yoga – we will move, breath, relax and find stillness. Classes are suitable for most people, regardless of body shape, gender, experience, race, belief or age. The groups are comparatively small, and welcoming to newcomers. I can accommodate most health issues with notice.



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