Towards the start of 2020 I was heard to say “I’m tired, I could use a sabbatical”; little did I realise within a couple of months we would be in national lockdown! 

A sabbatical of sorts.  Except not at all.

Navigating a business through the pandemic was hard; and it remains so even with the opening up of society.  Across the UK Yoga Studios are closing at a steady rate, and when I talk to yoga colleagues across the country – with another hat on I run YogaTax the UKs only specialist accountant for Yoga Teachers – everyone is reporting that classes are quiet and demand for yoga is low.  I could speculate on the reasons, but it is academic.

Like many people, in many sectors, post pandemic my priorities have shifted a little, and I’d like to shift my work / life balance more toward the latter than the former. 

Yoga, through the Yamas, Yoga’s ethical rules, gives us a framework for right living, including Ahimsa, non harming, and Asteya, non stealing, and as much as these are external rules, they are internal ones as well – we can harm ourselves, we can steal time and energy from ourselves.  Satya, truthfulness, requires us to face up to these questions.

And so I need to make some changes to my Yoga Class schedule, to reflect both the commercial realities of teaching Yoga at present, and my own work / life balance.

From the start of August I am dropping my Wednesday evening class.  I will still teach on a Monday evening and Wednesday morning, at 7pm and 9:30am respectively.  Those will be my only two public classes a week.  During August I am taking some time off, but all classes other than Bank Holiday Monday will be covered.

Additionally, although dropin yoga will still be available, for those who want to commit to a regular class, I’m moving away from my rolling monthly subscriptions on Direct Debit and onto courses of 6, 7 or 8 weeks broadly aligned with school terms/half terms – this will give me some regular time off, and it also offers a more flexible model for those of my students who want to practice at particular times of the year, eg winter, summer, etc.

For Late Summer / Autumn 2022 I’m offering:

  • Seven week courses starting w/c Monday 5th September.  Choice of Monday 7pm in person or online, and Wednesday 9:30am in person. 
  • Eight week courses starting w/c Monday 31st October.  Choice of Monday 7pm in person or online, and Wednesday 9:30am in person. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in booking one of these courses.  You can also pre-register directly via my website.

For students currently with a monthly subscription by Direct Debit, these will finish at the end of August, and your Direct Debit will be cancelled.

I appreciate change is not always welcome, but it is inevitable.  I’ll do my best to help my regular students through these changes, and hopefully by the start of next year the new system will have comfortably bedded down.