Summer class changes

As the weather brightens up and summer sets in, yoga classes thin out a little, filling up again in the autumn – like so many things, a natural Yin and Yang.

So, this summer I’m pairing my teaching schedule back a little.

From week commencing 24 July 2017 the following classes are cancelled:

  • 5pm Monday  (last class 17th July)
  • 10am Thursday (last class 20th July)
  • midday Thursday chair yoga (last class 20th July)

Monday 5pm yogis are welcome at Monday 7pm or Tuesday 6:30pm, and Thursday 10am Yogis are welcome Tuesday 10am.

My schedule will return to normal from week commencing 25 September 2017:

  • 5pm Monday restarts 25 September 2017
  • Thursday morning classes restart 28 September 2017

Separately I am considering a change to Thursday mornings from September, there are a few choices:

  1. Leave things as they are – 10am Yin/Hatha, midday chair yoga
  2. Run a 9:30am or 10am Yin class followed by chair yoga at 11am or 11:30am
  3. Combine these two classes into a 10am or 10:30am “Breath Move Relax” 90 minute class which would be combined chair and mat – people can choose which ever is most comfortable or use chair for part of class and mat for part of class

My preference is number 3 – I think a combined chair and mat class in the morning would work well, but I would welcome feedback from Yogis.

After this coming weekend, 24 June, my monthly Saturday morning classes are taking a break, and return as follows:

  • 7 October 2017
  • 4 November 2017
  • 9 December 2017


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