Online Studio

Yinspire Online Studio


Schedule and Booking

My Online Studio is a temporary response to the Coronavirus disruption. 

Launching 1 June 2020, it runs provisionally until the end of September 2020 using the Zoom App to connect us over the Internet.

Online Yin Yoga Classes on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, with a catch up facility if you can’t make the streamed class.

You can take a single class, or a monthly subscription.

  • Book a Single Class – £6 (see below, if you have prepaid classes from before the studio closed)
  • Start a Monthly Subscription – £20

I also have a selection of routines and practices By Donation on YouTube

Before you come to your first class please let me have Registration and Health Details



Single Classes

  • After you book, you will be sent a link to the session on Zoom. 
  • I am working on allowing people to automatically offset previous pre-paid classes when they book a single class, but short term if you have classes prepaid, book and pay from the link above, message me to let me know that you wish to use pre paid class credits, and I will both refund you and adjust your classes in hand – this is a manual process so bear with me.
  • If you cannot attend the booked class, and wish to access the recording, please message me and I will let you have a link to the recording.


Monthly Subscription

  • Your monthly subscription gives you unlimited Zoom classes with me, live or catch up.
  • The fee is £20 whole or part month.
  • If you previously had a class subscription with me, I will offset the value of any class credits – this is a manual process so bear with me.
  • All the classes are recorded (subject to technology glitches) and posted in our private Facebook group – so if you miss a session and need to catch up, or you prefer to practice at your own time, you can see the recordings there.

To start your subscription:

  • Register here
  • The billing is recurring, but you can cancel anytime.  There are no refunds if you cancel mid month.
  • When your subscription starts I will offset any classes you have in hand – this is a manual process so bear with me.


In Class

Please make sure you have available:

  • a block or cushion to sit on
  • a bolster or similar (sofa cushions, stout rolled blanket)
  • a blanket for relaxation
  • a cup of tea

I am leaving audio on Zoom on – so when you join before class you will be able to chat to anyone else in the class, and we will be able to interact during class.

Please position your devices camera so I can see you fully. 

Practising online means I cannot offer the same level of oversight as I would in class, so please take responsibility for your own safety.

Privacy:  there will be a check in time at the start and end of the class.  You will be visible to others unless you turn your camera off.  I will endeavour to make sure that participants in the class are not recorded, only myself as teacher.



We will be using the web app Zoom
  • If you use a tablet (a phone screen will be too small) then download “Zoom Cloud Meetings” from App / Play Store
  • If you use a laptop (possibly a desktop, but you need to see the screen whilst we are practising) the download here https://zoom.us/support/download
  • You do not need to create an account with Zoom or pay anything.
  • It may be worth testing your camera and audio, Zoom may prompt you to do this
  • If you want a test session with me on the technology, then let me know
  • Zoom is sensitive to being updated regularly.   If you have a tablet check for updates in PLay Store / iTunes, and if you have a laptop use the updates link under setting sin the Zoom widget.  

Here is a more comprehensive help section on using Zoom