I hope you have had a good start to 2020.

I’ll be honest for me January felt like a difficult month with a number of conflating issues pressing on my time.  I know, not meant to say that are we?  The stock answer to “How are you?” seems to be one of “Fine” or “Busy” without really scratching the surface – perish the thought we should be honest and say actually “I’m not fine” or “Busy, but not coping”.

January’s busyness has led me to think a lot about the rhythms of life – lifes ebbs and flows – times when life is more Yang – outward and busy – versus Yin – more stable and inward.  If we try and work against that natural rhythm then the result is friction.  Sometimes it seems we have to go with the flow, accepting this wasn’t quite where we wanted to be right now, how we wanted to feel, but its where we are and what matters is the next breath, the next step, the next thought, each creating a blank canvas.

Its at times like this that we can gain some continuity and stability from our yoga practice, be it a daily time in our own space, or carving out time to brave the dark and cold winter months for a studio class with its sense of Sangha.

However 2020 has unfolded – is unfolding – for you, I wish you peace, clarity and insight, and hope that yoga can support that journey.

I hope to see you on a yoga mat during February.


News from Jessica’s classes

My regular class schedule continues unchanged in February

  • Yin Yoga Monday 17:00 and 19:00 and Tuesday 18:30
  • Therapeutic Yoga – Wednesdays 10am (I am aware the term “therapeutic” puts some people off – its not vastly different to the evening classes,a little more restorative maybe)

Class bookings are here

Saturday morning Pure Yin is on 15th February this month – book here

Saturday 22 February 2020 in the morning I am running a workshop, “Yoga in Daily Life” – aimed at taking your yoga practice out of the studio and into daily life, at home, work or leisure. Learn about the micro practices that work to support busy lives, and how to be intelligent with your own yoga time – book here

My February four week course “Nurturing Yoga for Emotional Well Being” starts this coming Thursday evening and is full  If demand is there, I will re run this in the autumn.  Contact me to express interest or pre book

Need help booking – speak to me in class or contact me

News from Yinspire Yoga Therapy

I officially launched my new Yoga Therapy Clinic this January.

Here’s an article from OnTheWight which explains a bit more about the clinic

For Yoga Therapy Information and Bookings, please visit IsleofWightYogaTherapy.co.uk

If you, or anyone you know, are struggling with physical or emotional health then Yoga Therapy can help reset things and promote healing in a caring and non judgemental way, from Stress and Anxiety through to physical conditions like Back Pain.

Here’s an article I wrote about Yoga Therapy and Cancer Care

Social Media

Likes are the currency of the modern world!

If you have chance, Facebook likes for

Yinspire Yoga  and Yinspire Yoga Therapy 

would be much appreciated, along with, if you can, a five star review.  I could particularity use some reviews for the Yoga Therapy page – even if you haven’t had a Yoga Therapy session with me, if you have been in my classes you will have a feel for what its about.

Also the remember to join Yinspire Community facebook group if you haven’t already, and check in when you arrive in class if you remember.

News from the Studio

Its been a busy start to the year class wise.  New to the studio was Laura Gate-Eastley with a Saturday afternoon class in January incorporating Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga and a cup of tea – join her again on 29 February.

The weekly class schedule along with weekend workshops and one offs is at Yinspire Guest Teachers – where you will find regular classes by Peter, Susan, Anne, Emma, Penny and Alicia, along with weekends by Peter, Anne, Laura, Della and others.