I’m monitoring the Corona Virus situation viz studio hygiene and safety.

Short term:

– there are hand gels in the toilets and reception at Rowborough, please use them
– I’m making sure there are some at Brading
– At present eye pillows are being removed from both studios and are being washed. I’m taking soundings this week about providing them long term, I’ve had concerns for a while re eye hygiene, and I’m erring toward selling the washed ones off second hand so those who want them buy their own
– it may be prudent to think about bringing a hand towel or similar from home to place over a mat or bolster if you are lying face down

I let you know if anything needs to change, meanwhile a friend of mine who is a GP and Yoga Therapist, Dr Read, wrote these comments and has given me permission to share them below.


Dear All,
Coronavirus update.
I don’t want to scaremonger people but in view of various media and FB posts I wanted to share what I know amongst my friends.
For the majority of people coronavirus is a self-limiting condition, which will settle within a week or so, provided you take time off work, rest, keep warm, well hydrated and well nourished.
However, for those whose immunity is weaker than the majority of us ( this includes children, elderly and those with chronic conditions), it can cause severe respiratory symptoms requiring respiratory support with the mortality rate of about 2.5%. It is because of these people extra precautions are necessary for all of us.
As it is highly contagious, isolation is important. There has been a decrease in the virus spread in China recently primarily because of strict isolation policy. Those infected even with no symptoms are contagious.
There have been 19 confirmed cases in the UK so far and 20 GP practices have been closed. I am afraid with recent skiing holiday in Italy the number of cases will increase.
Current NHS advice is not a conspiracy as some FB posts suggested, it is practical and pragmatic. Please visit NHS site for updates. Please let all of your family and friends know and do not visit your GP surgery if you have symptoms but call 111 for advice. This is not because we are precious or scared of workload: it is because if we are sick we cannot look after you ( an average GP sees 30 patients a day face-to-face and deals with about 150 patients’ issues via hospital letters, path lab results and prescriptions), and if we are infected we are vehicles for the virus spread ( multiply 30 by the number of GPs infected a day).
On a personal note, I would suggest over the next 4-6 weeks:
1) limit your contact with others if possible…
2) cancel socialising events if possible…
3) enjoy your own company,
4) take extra care when it comes to personal hygiene,
5) rest,
6) keep up your fluid intake,
7) eat well: lots of colourful veg, particularly green ones, and fruits: berries (antioxidants), kiwis (vit C), pomegranates (vit C, antioxidants, antivirals and immunomodulators) and pineapples (natural enzymes and prebiotics) , 😎 take vit C and zinc (1 gr of vit C daily for prevention and 3gr if you have symptoms but do not take more than 500mg of vit C for longer than 2 months),
9) take 2000 units of vit D,
10) take magnesium 300-400mg preferably as magnesium glycinate but citrate is acceptable
11) take multivitamin complex for your age and gender (my personal favourite brands are NutriAdvanced, New Chapter, Pure еncapsulations),
12) take Tulsi tea (or tincture) and add galangal to your food (in tea, soups and casserols) as both are immunomodulators and antivirals.
On a highly positive note, please remember it is only for 4-6 weeks, not long and all will pass. It is now part of our lives… all is well… take care.🙏❤