Starting Yoga

Starting Yoga


Many thanks for clicking through.

So you are interested in starting Yoga at Yinspire?  You will be most welcome, whether you are a complete beginner, have some experience, or are somewhere in between. 

Likewise you will be welcome regardless of age, gender, race, health, body shape, or any other variable.

For details of my classes please see Yinspire Classes with Jessica

For Private Classes or Yoga Therapy with me, see Yoga Therapy

There are other teachers working out of Yinspire as well. who administer and book their own classes.

Overall the approach at Yinspire is that of traditional yoga rather than fitness/exercise yoga – although that isn’t a rigid boundary – and most classes will have a mixture of Asana (yoga postures – dynamic or flow), Breath/Energy Work (Pranayama), Relaxation (Pratayahara) and Meditation / Mindfulness.

Our Common Questions may help, as may our sections About Yoga and Yin Yoga and About Jessica and Yinspire



Help – I’m confused!

Confused about which class is best for you, or about the classes on offer?  Don’t fret – get in touch using the form below and I’ll guide you though choices.  If there isn’t a suitable class at Yinspire, I will try and make other suggestions from my knowledge of yoga on the Island.



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