YinspireatRydeAcademyOne of my students recently asked if I could come along to Ryde Academy, where she works, and run a family learning session as part of the academy’s after school programme.

Of course, I was delighted to – any chance to share some of the joy of Yoga.

So, the evening came, and car duly loaded with mats and blocks, plus more mats borrowed at the school, off I go. 

An initial drama – I lit my incense and candles and the fire alarm goes off!  However no one comes running, and it turns out to be the scheduled weekly test! 

No sooner than I had the room laid out and caught my breath, twenty or so children, all ages, with parents and grandparents arrived – so we are off!

Keeping it light and friendly, we relaxed, breathed, moved our spines, impersonated cats and cows (well, why not?), saluted the sun, stretched, became a little stiller and relaxed again.  Hopefully a taste of yoga for all ages, and maybe a few will be inspired – Yinspired? (sorry) – to take it further.